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Irene is coming to New York

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News reports on Hurricane Irene.
News reports on Hurricane Irene , Times Square, New York. Tristan Reville.

The time now is 16:30 of Saturday, August 27, 2011 in New York now that I begin to write. Hurricane Irene is now very close. I'm following it through twitter, where "Irene" is one of the twitter trends also here in Italy, CBS News and the Internet. This morning an acting coach who lives in NY wrote me how he was preparing to wait. He wrote:

Not too worried. Have some food, some water, a flashlight and plenty to read. Hope we don't get hit too badly but if so I'm sure I will live to tell the story. The storm is predicted to come and go pretty quickly (maybe 24 hrs or so). There are a few very vulnerable areas which are close to the water but most of the city should be ok. I think the potential for lasting problems will be once the storm has passed...flooding and power outages. Only time will tell. "chi vivrà vedrà".

I'm worried about one of my female friends: she's having an holiday in NY, what luck! She had to come back with a flight to Italy tomorrow, Sunday, but I fear that her flight has been canceled. But I think it's much better not to fly and I do not understand the anger of the people who wanted to leave in the morning from the airport of Fiumicino to the states. 370,000 residents evacuated from the most dangerous areas, those closest to the sea and I hope that people do not underestimate the danger, although about 30 people refused to leave their homes.

I was watching italian tv before and I'm a bit disappointed because there is not solidarity for the New Yorkers who are having a difficult time. Nobody knows what damages can make this hurricane, classified as very dangerous. There are a lot of italians in New York and I think that we had to do a better coverage of this event.

In this moment rain and wind are increasing. It's time to protect themselves in a safe place for the americans and to wait the end of the hurricane. It is not the best way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the attack on twin towers. But I hope that after this moment New Yorkers and italians we'll be more close, more friends.

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