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the Magician
The Magician. Created for: Photoshop Contest Week 326 ~ My Bunny Milky

2012, dear friends, will be the year of the magicians. I'm not talking about the magicians who cheat a lot of money with cards, filters, pranotherapy and so on. I'm talking about another magic, the magic of who go in search as the knights of the Round Table of King Arthur or the magic rites of initiation to which adolescents are subjected, even today, although we believe to be more culturally advanced of our ancestors. The coming year will bring a transformation. But this transformation depends on our hands, we are ourselves the creators of it as homo faber suae quisque Fortunae. It's like to get back to the Renaissance in 2012. So we could discover that subtle magical sense of things, that relationship with nature that becomes the primary source of imitation in the arts et cetera. Starring in the new year will be all those who work with metaphors and with all the tools with which the meaning is expanded, enlarged, magnified. New visions of the world will born and will allow us to rework the question of distribution of resources that the international speculation, that caused the economic crisis in Greece and Italy, is concentrating increasingly in the hands of a few. Artists, actors, filmmakers, poets, writers, magicians will give us a new world. Happy 2012 to everybody.

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